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The Zoo Group studio and our highly experienced creative team have been producing and developing award-winning CG, 2D Animation and VFX since 2002. Our continued ethos of design driven projects combined with extensive production and outsource experience in multiple long-form TV series, DVD and VOD Features, commercials and VFX, makes the Zoo Group a wholly unique and cutting edge studio

Over the past 12 years we have evolved creative and technical outsource pipelines for our clients, as well as our own projects, setting up and utilising studios in India, China, Hong Kong, Korea and the U.S, with projects requiring anything from 50 to 250+ seats and artists

We are equally comfortable consulting within an existing production team and project, in all avenues of creative, managerial or technical parameters. Most recently with LEGO and M2Film on the 'Legends of Chima' CG Animated series for CN